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    Contact persons: How to contact us

    You are looking for a contact person, telephone number, e-mail address or exhibitor directory?
    This is where you will find all important contact information at one glance.

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    Questions ranging from general matters to event technology can be answered with a quick phone call to your contact person.

    You have questions about a specific trade fair? Please contact the project team in charge.

    Our foreign representations in over 20 countries can assist you with a variety of services.

    Please use the current exhibitor directory to find a specific exhibitor.


    • CosmeticBusiness

      International trade fair of the cosmetics supplying industry

      06/17 - 06/18/2020
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      Vstupenky Shop

      Vstupenky Shop

      Zde si m??ete objednat vase vstupenky rychle a bezpe?ně on-line.

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